Mission Statement

The Film Industry Reform Movement is an international association of concerned citizens, moviegoers and film industry professionals dedicated to the proposition that the motion picture is a significant medium for the communication of ideas, and therefore, has great potential for influencing human thinking and behavior.

F.I.R.M. is further based on the belief that movies, to a large extent, tend to mirror the values, interests, cultural perspectives and prejudices of their makers, and that all interest groups within any diverse society, especially in democratic societies, should have a fair and equal opportunity to tell their unique cultural (and other stories) through this important communications medium. Without these opportunities, the concept of a free marketplace of ideas -- a concept that underlies the highly-valued right of free speech -- will significantly be flawed and inevitably, one, or only a few special interest groups, will be able to express their views, through this powerful medium, to the exclusion, and ultimate detriment, of all others.

More specifically, the Association seeks to:


Work toward encouraging more thoughtful, critical and analytical research regarding aspects of the above general propositions as well as research relating to:

a. The true nature of feature films;
b. The impact of movies on individuals and society;
c. What people (and entities) have the power to determine which movies are produced and released;
d. Who gets to work on those movies in the key positions;
e. Who determines the themes and contents of screenplays for those movies; and
f. How did such persons (and entities) gain that power.

Such research may help point the way toward the desirable goal of creating a more level playing field for the artists, technicians, executives and investors in the world's film industries.


Work toward creating a more equitable economic and creative environment within which film industry professionals may pursue their craft and livelihood, so that moviegoers and society in general may benefit from less homogenous, more diversified motion pictures.


Work toward providing for more diversity in the ownership and control of the means of production, distribution and exhibition in the feature film industry so as to increase opportunities for film industry professionals from all backgrounds to ultimately increase diversity in the kinds of concepts, ideas and images portrayed and seen by the movie-going public, through this important entertainment/communications medium.

UPDATE: FIRM applauds NBCUniversal for posting a Chief Diversity Officer (Craig Robinson as of May 2014) who "reports directly to NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke" and is "responsible for defining, enabling and fostering a corporate culture that values diversity of talent, ideas, values and backgrounds across all parts of the company. more


Collect and make available (through educational seminars, newsletters, books, the Internet, annual conventions and other means), statistics, economic data and other important information about the feature film industry that is useful and of interest to the Association's members, the press, film professionals, investors and citizens of the world.


Advance lawful and fair trade practices, customs and usage within the film industry.


Teach, instruct, develop, disseminate and share information and techniques among its members pertaining to the development, production, distribution and exploitation of feature films in all territories and media.


Do any other act or thing, incidental to or connected with, advancing the motion picture art-form, recognizing that such advancements need not be motivated solely by pecuniary considerations or financial gain but by a genuine desire to bring about improved conditions in the film industry and a more harmonious world culture.


F.I.R.M. was founded on March 15, 1998
by John Cones and James Jaeger

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